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One Piece Elongated Toilet

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Product description

This kind of One Piece Elongated Toilet?is a white extended toilet.?It uses silver ion nanotechnology to cleanse the glaze,?which is round and delicate.?It?is made of high hardness PP material cover,?which is not easy to break.?It is automatically slowed down with light touch,?and the sound decibel is small to protect sleep quality.?It is mainly composed of water inlet pipe, water outlet pipe, water seepage pipe, water plug (water inlet and outlet), float, water release knob and lever, water supply organ, water tank, urinal and so on.?When the toilet body is formed, it is made by a whole mold at one time and made as a whole. It is made by bonding the water tank and the lower half of the toilet during firing, so it has?no adhesion scars, and is more beautiful. Compared with ordinary toilets, the One Piece Elongated Toilet?is convenient to clean. Because the water tank and the seat are integrated, there is no joint in the middle, so there is no possibility of water leakage.?It is praised by our clients due to excellent performance and high cost effective.?




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Product features

1.The glaze is smooth and clean,effective antibacterial,not easy to smear and easy to clean.

2.One piece elongated toilet has a modern appearance,is not easy to leak,and does not take up space.

3.Its water parts are made of imported ABS raw materials,which can be used up to 100,000 times and are durable.

Our ability

1.We have 3 Australian independent designers and more than 10 domestic R&D design teams.Our strong design and R&D capabilities make our products popular and a variety of products are patented.

2.Our ceramic factory covers an area of 60 acres and has a factory population of more than 200 people.We carry out 24 hours of uninterrupted production,excellent production capacity and high quality stability.

3.We also have an after-sales team that is fully committed to providing consumers with a full range of services,so you don't have to worry about problems after you buy the product.

Cleaning method

1.The bacteria in the toilet ring should be cleaned with emphasis.

2.The dirt in the toilet is cleaned in time.

3.Try not to set a wastebasket on the toilet side.

4.The toilet brush should be kept clean and dry.

5.Use the toilet-specific cleaning tool to effectively clean and sterilize.

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